It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.
— Maya Angelou

about me

My name is Sofia and I’m in 4th grade at my local public elementary school Sunset Ranch. I’m fully included in the classroom and I love to read and write in my journal. I use an iPad to type so I can keep up with my classmates. I love all sports including dance and cheer, Spanish class and anything music or theater related! I love food and trying anything and everything. ❤️

My story is one made for the movies. I was abandoned at birth and spent the first 14 months of my life in an orphanage in a very small town in Ukraine. My forever mom and dad found me on an adoption ministry website Reese’s Rainbow and came to get me in the Spring of 2010. I wasn’t able to do much before I met my mom and dad, but as soon as I got home to the United States, I began to thrive with the love of my 3 older brothers and loving parents and grandparents.

My mom and dad loved taking pictures of me and before I knew it my career began to take off! I also love taking pictures and I’m really good at listening, following direction and I’m super patient (my mom may disagree). I love people and making friends and I am blessed to have the life I live.

physical features

Height:       47"

Weight:      55 lbs.

Hair:           Blonde

Eyes:          Brown

PWD:          Down syndrome


Shoe Size: 13 youth

Clothes: 7-8 girls (varies)


» Singing, dancing, theater, swimming, track, cheerleading, acting

» Speaks some Spanish and ASL


from orphan to actor